miner bitcoin miners raise price

Can Miners Alone Raise the Price of Bitcoin?

For many bitcoin investors, the most important factor for bitcoin is widespread adoption, where individuals and businesses worldwide partake in the bitcoin ecosystem. Many people believe that as adoption grows, the price of bitcoin will follow, but that doesn’t necessarily seem to be the case going forward. Many people neglect to understand the importance of those who are the backbone of the bitcoin network, the miners, as they play a role more critical than any investor or user ever could. Continue reading

bitcoin stock market price

Does the Price of Bitcoin Correlate with the Stock Market?

Bitcoin has always been tied in with assets like gold in regards to quality traits, due to it’s deflationary and limited nature. While the price of gold usually goes in the opposite direction from the broad global markets in general, bitcoin has only been around during a bull market, allowing for unusual activity in price action. Continue reading

buying bitcoin directly or bitcoin etf

Should You Buy a Bitcoin ETF or Buy Bitcoin Directly?

The Winklevoss twins have verified their ETF (Exchange traded fund) with the SEC and the ticker ‘COIN’ will begin trading as an ETF in the near future. This marks an important milestone for many in the bitcoin community, but the debate rages on over whether it’s more beneficial to buy bitcoin directly or through an ETF that represents a bitcoin investment. Continue reading