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Bitcoin Gambling: A Universal Solution

Bitcoin gambling: a universal solution for everyone

Have you noticed the changes that online gambling has undergone over the previous years? To be more precise, there has been just one substantial change, but its radicalness and immensity have really made a bang in the industry. Any guess? Yes, we’re talking about the arrival of BTC into virtual gaming. And we must say virtual Bitcoin gaming immediately started to develop at an extremely intense pace. The thing is, the cryptocurrency is gradually modifying and modernizing traditional online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks. As a result, many operators ended up offering BTC as the only available payment option. How in the world did it come to be like that?
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What Can Bitcoin Give to the Online Gambling Industry?

There’s probably nothing surprising for most of us that every country has its own national currency. Almost everyone knows how US dollars, British pounds and euros look like and what their approximate exchange rate currently is. But what kind of currency is Bitcoin, and why is it spoken of so much? Are online Bitcoin casinos threatening traditional online entertainment businesses? Continue reading

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Why the Lack of Ubiquitous Mining is Good for Bitcoin

The profit ratio for mining bitcoin has significantly decreased for everyday miners, nowadays usually ending up in a net loss for said prospective miner. As this barrier for entry to mining has its downfalls, it’s also responsible for maintaining bitcoin’s price at a certain range and preventing widespread panic selling. Continue reading

why bitcoin is poised for a comeback

Why the Price of Bitcoin is Poised for a Comeback

The downtrend bitcoin has been experiencing in terms of value may come to an end soon, as a favorable climate is brewing for future price appreciation. This climate includes global markets taking a recent dive as interest rates globally and more specifically in the US are projected to increase, making the investment climate in equities a less attractive avenue. Continue reading

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How Bitcoin Spurred Tech Companies to Embrace Payment Innovation

Before bitcoin arrived to the payment scene, making payments were often a tedious task, be it through shuffling around for credit cards in person or entering in lines upon lines of personal information on a third party site online. There was clearly a market for payment innovation, and tech giants such as Google & Apple quickly caught on with Google Wallet and Apple Pay, respectively. Continue reading

why the price of bitcoin is in a downtrend

Why the Price of Bitcoin is in a Downward Trend

Bitcoin’s volatility has returned in full swing, with the digital currency dropping to new 2014 lows in the $450.00-500.00 range. There remains many theories regarding the cause for this downtrend, but an inevitable fact remains that companies are continuing to accept bitcoins through intermediaries, having the intermediaries exchange them for fiat currency thereafter.
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